Estate Of Grace

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Estate Of Grace Farm Wedding Venue in Corryton TN || Chris and Kristel

Estate Of Grace Farm Wedding

Estate Of Grace Farm in Corryton, TN was beyond the perfect place for Chris and Kristel’s wedding! The moment Kristel told me about this wedding venue near Knoxville, I knew no matter how many other wedding venues she went and looked at it would never give her the same feeling she was describing to me about Estate of Grace Farm.

About Estate Of Grace Farm

“Estate of Grace Farm is a 33-acre pastoral paradise. A true front porch sitting slice of peace on earth! From our front porch perch, you will find the spectacular vista of House Mountain and Mt. LeConte. Once you are rocking in our rockers, you will truly understand the inspiration for our name “Estate of Grace”.”

I had never heard of this wedding venue, but boy it did not disappoint! The views from the property are stunning, rolling hills and beautiful views of mountains. The farmhouse looks like something Joanna Gains decorated (shout out to Gaye the owner for her style!) A pleasant surprise to this Knoxville wedding photographer!

How I Met the Bride

I met Kristel about eight years ago through a series of unlikely events. It was a pretty unsettling time in my life, to say the least. My world had just been turned upside down by some events out of my control and I needed a friend among other things, and that she was! Little did we know our stories would walk parallel shortly after and we were able to give each other some support and comic relief through it all. I love how God knows what you need at the exact time you need it. She and her kids have been my clients since then, but more importantly friends!

I didn’t get to meet Chris until the wedding day, but all it took was seeing them together for the first time to know, this was beyond a good thing! It makes my heart happy for a million and one reasons that Chris and Kristel are together! I love seeing the faithfulness of God play out in peoples lives!

Congrats you two!


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