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Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, if you are longing for a relationship with your earthly father, this blog is for you. Whether he is present or he has passed this blog shares a little of my story. Embrace the feelings, recognize them, but surrender them! Surrender them to the one who created you, who loves you, who is your biggest fan and will always be with you.

Fathers Day, it’s a day we honor the men who have filled the role as a dad in our lives. It’s a day of joy for some and sadness for others. Today I could choose sadness, and that would be ok, but today I choose joy.

Choosing Joy

Today, I choose joy. I choose joy because I was blessed beyond measure to have an Earthy father who loved me well. Not only did he love me well but he loved Jesus more than anything. He spent his life serving others and bringing joy to all that crossed his path. I was blessed to have him to encourage me, listen to me, laugh with me and most importantly pray over me. I’ll miss him in the big milestones of life, but never any more than I’ll miss him in the daily things. The daily things, that’s where we find real love.

There are moments that are simply hard, moments that only tears could fill the empty words. There are even greater moments of thankfulness that I had him for 34 years. Independence, free-spirited, true joy….even in the hard times, loving people fierce and showing grace where most wouldn’t, are all traits I carry from him…and I’m so thankful for those.

I’ve not really been able to express all the true emotions that the past year and a half without him has brought to most people other than surface talk. That’s not me, but the most liberating thing I’m learning is THATS OK…not everyone deserves a seat at your table, not everyone should have access to those parts of your heart. So if you are reading this, be encouraged whatever you are going through, be released of having to deal with things the way others expect you to deal with it…. there are no guidelines of how you should deal with the things life throws at you or for the longings of your heart.

Be Thankful

I’m thankful for the few people the Lord has specifically brought into my life to help me walk through this journey and to listen to my heart through the tears. One, in particular, that has been a solid rock of support as the emotions have come at the most unexpected times like a flood. I am beyond grateful for them, that they’ve created a space where I could take off my armor and simply be vulnerable. They’ve listened and have gently spoken words of encouragement to my heart. We all need people in our lives like that, recognize them and value them.

Our Heavenly Father longs to be the one we come to, the one who holds every ounce of our being, He longs to be with you. Let Him be your Father, give him all the things you need…He can’t heal or fill what we refuse to surrender.



P.S here are some of my favorite father figure photos from the past year…..

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