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Andrés and Brianna || Faith Promise Church Summer Wedding || Knoxville, TN

Faith Promise Church Summer Wedding

 This Faith Promise Church summer wedding holds a little special place in my heart. It’s the wedding of Andrés and Brianna, my friends.
Getting to photograph their wedding was such a blessing as I got to watch God’s plan unfold. You see, I was with them in Costa Rica the night that God’s plan started becoming visible to them both.

 Costa Rica

 Two years ago I went on another mission trip to Costa Rica. Faith Promise (the church I attend) has an international campus there and I love getting to go there. I love the people of Costa Rica as well. Serving on the mission field has been a big part of my photography business over the past six years.
Before this mission trip, I didn’t know Brianna. Her mom and dad lead the trips to Cañas, Costa Rica and her mom put us in a room together. The roommate situation worked out, (thankfully) some trips my roommates haven’t been too desirable. This trip was different. Brianna and I got to know each other that week.  Between serving, poolside talks and walks to the market to get a Trits ice cream (now I’m hungry lol)  we realized that we were walking through some similar things in life. It was good to chat with someone who could be a nonjudgmental sounding board. I needed that week, I think she did too.
I loved so much about this mission trip. The people, the food, the conversations, the serving oppurtunities – I loved it all. The week was full of so many things, including laugher and I for sure welcomed the extra laughs during that season of my life.

 Their Meeting

 Brianna and Andrés had met a few years prior on another mission trip, but that’s as far as things had went. Late one night while a few of us stayed back at the church while the group went back to the hotel. That night God started putting His plan into motion. I remember Andrés encouraging and comforting Brianna over some things that was going on.
I’ll never forget that night for so many reasons. Brianna, myself and Pam (their translator at their wedding) ended up staying in a room together. None of us got much sleep that night as we all shared things going on with each other. I ended the night with a prayer over us all. Somehow we managed to get a little sleep that night before leaving the next day to come home.
 Soon after this trip Brianna and Andrés started dating and he came to the state for a visit. I asked him about their relationship and moving forward. I asked him how he felt, if she was what he was looking for, why he liked her and a million other things. As someone who loved them both, I wanted to know his heart and intentions.
Andrés was clear on what he wanted. He was taking the time to get to know her and to earn her trust. He was seeking God in all things. Andrés was patient with her as she worked through things and wanted nothing but the best for her. The thing is, they were both doing this for each other. I remember him sharing about his love for her and saying she just needs to be loved and treated like the woman she is. He wanted to respect and value her.
I left that conversation encouraged and blown away that there are still Godly men out there. Men who are willing to seek Him first and pursue a lady second. That’s what anyone deserves in a relationship!
Later that year, Andrés proposed to Brianna. (There’s a funny story behind their engagement too. Brianna actually carried her own engagement ring to Costa Rica. She carried it in a supply box to give to someone else and didn’t even know the ring was in the box)
 Final Words
 Brianna and Andrés, I’ve loved watching you fall in love. I’ve loved watching you both grow in Christ. It amazes me where you both were as individuals a few short years and where you are now. I can’t wait to watch you continue to grow together. Keep Christ first on this journey and I know things will always fall into place.
Te Amo,