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Knoxville Maternity Photographer

Tyler and Sarah

This week I got to photograph a maternity session. I’m not known as a Knoxville maternity photographer, most days that is! I’m known for weddings and humanitarian photography but not so much for maternity sessions. That is about to change!

Sarah is someone I’ve slowing been getting to know over the past few months, mostly through social media. I met her through some friends who recommended her on some health and fitness things I needed help with. Many of you probably met her that way too. If you don’t her, check out her fit stuff Sarah The Beauty Hunter.

To be honest when she reached out to me about her maternity I wasn’t for sure about shooting them. Not that I couldn’t, but they aren’t my main focus. I talked to her and said, “I can, but what do I do with your belly” We laughed! I think my mind has changed after her and Tyler’s session. We had a blast and I’m in love with the photos!

Why This Maternity Session

I really felt lead to say yes to shooting Sarah’s maternity. For me, I love sharing people’s stories. Even though I won’t share her full story here, I promise you it’s an amazing one! There is nothing sweeter than watching the Lord redeem and restore someone’s life. Sarah and I may have nothing in common, but the one thing we do is a redemptive story! When I see God I work and make ashes into beauty it’s something spectacular.

The world is waiting on baby Morrow including his big brother Koa! Congratulations Tyler and Sarah, I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you both.






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