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Twin Cedar Farm Photography | Tyler & Niki | Maryville TN Wedding Venue

Twin Cedar Farm Photography

Twin Cedar Farm photography, it’s always easy to showcase because it’s so beautiful there! The Twin Cedar Farm wedding of Tyler and Niki is a wedding that makes me feel a little old! Let me tell you the back story.

Almost 12 years ago I started this crazy thing called a wedding photography business. I had no clue what I was doing both in business or photography. I shot one of my first weddings was a Twin Cedar Farm wedding. Just so happen I clicked with the owners and staff. They believed in me and started sending me business. From there my business started growing and here I am 12 years later still growing! I’m so thankful for all the Twin Cedar Farm photography and where it’s brought me.

12 years ago I also met Tyler, the owner’s son. He was a teenager and drove the horse carriage. This past weekend instead of driving the horse carriage, his sister did, and he and Niki road in the horse carriage. It kind of made me feel a little old, but it also made me feel so grateful that I got to photograph my friend’s wedding. Yes, friend because that’s what his family has become to me. I not only get to shoot Twin Cedar Farm weddings, but I get to hang out with them outside of work.

Tyler and Niki’s wedding was chill, as I expected. They didn’t want a bunch of frills, but they wanted a lot of fun. As you can see their wedding was lovely, but the fun started at the reception (as you can see below).

I wish you both the best!





Wedding Venue: Twin Cedar Farm Wedding DJ: Music In Motion Wedding Florist: Melissa Timm Designs 

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