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The White Barn At Cruze Farm | Cruze Farm Girl | Hope


Hope Is Turning Four

Cruze Farm Girl, Hope, she’s the cutest little thing ever and just so happens she’s my niece. Hope’s favorite food on the planet is ice cream. A few months ago I finally introduced her to Cruze Dairy Farm ice cream and of course, it was a hit. Now every time she is in town, she asked to go get Cruze Farm ice cream. Each time we go, she gets to pick her own ice cream and toppings (which always includes sprinkles). She also loves watching the Cruze Farm girls work. She thinks they are pretty and have cute dresses.

My niece gets in front of the camera more than your average child. One, I’m a professional photographer and two, she’s kind of cute! Each year I do her birthday photos. Last year we did it with watermelons, that was her favorite food then. This year I thought it would be cute to dress her up as a Cruze Farm girl, seeing her favorite food is ice cream. Food-themed two years in a row wasn’t planned, but they both have turned out super cute!

The White Barn At Cruze Farm

Last month I shot my first wedding at The White Barn At Cruze Farm and I loved it. After shooting there the thought of Hope’s themed Cruze Farm Girl birthday session took flight. I couldn’t be more excited about how the session turned out! Ice cream, my sweet niece, all while at Cruze Farm was a great combination!

I hope you enjoy my sweet niece Hope’s Cruze Farm Girl birthday session as much as I do!

Aunt-T can’t wait to celebrate her again later this month! We will for sure be back at Cruze Farm to get ice cream soon, even if it is  not her birthday, for there doesn’t need to be a reason to get ice cream!




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