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Crazy story, Katelyn’s mom booked me not Katelyn! If you know Katelyn then this is no shock to you and if you know Kathy, this is no shock to you either! Here’s how it went down. In January, I was on a epic adventure out west in Yellow Stone National Park and Grand Tetons National Park. I was driving from Bozeman to Jackson Hole and I got a call from the sweetest lady (aka Kathy) and she talked to me about her daughters wedding. I was shocked her daughter was cool with her booking everything, but I was like ok this bride is chill. We spoke a couple of times on my drive and eventually I booked them that night. What I didn’t know that Katelyn was in deed that chill and she was also super busy with school, so having her mom help plan the wedding was a blessing to her.

I was excited to get Katelyn and Geoff on the books and was ready to start planning out their wedding. I was happy to have the date open and I was also happy to be back in Morristown for a change.

Their Wedding Day

They had their wedding at The First Baptist Church of Morristown and then headed over to Morristown Country Club for their reception. We didn’t get many true fall days this year, but they did for their wedding day! We arrived and the guys were ready and the girls were almost so we started shooting details. Katelyn the got into her dress and we awaited the big moment  where her dad would walk her down the isle. After the wedding we hopped over to their other venue. A Morristown Country Club wedding isn’t something I had shot before so it was a new venue for me and my team. I won’t lie, being there made me want to go play golf because it was such a pretty day, but as you can see I had more important things to do! The whole day was so good! Everything was planned out and their day was stress free.

The Send Off

Sometimes the couple has a “send off car”, and in this case Katelyn and Geoff did. A friend had let them borrow a super cool classic car as their send off car (check out pictures below). The had a sparkler send off and then hopped into the car for a few photos and then off to their stay for the night. This was that is was a convertible, and by this time it was cold outside. I wondered if they froze on the way!

Thank You

Thank you Katelyn and Geoff for being so kind and easy to work with! I pray many blessing follow you throughout life and marriage!





Wedding Vendors:

Morristown Country Club

Hannah Ayers – DJ

Bangs and Blush

Lemondrop Productions

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