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Downtown 211 | Downtown Knoxville Wedding Venue | Michael and Jasmine

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Downtown 211 || Downtown Knoxville Wedding Venue

Downtown 211 private rooftop is a little secret gem in Knoxville. This wedding venue is in downtown Knoxville, TN in an area of the city called Market Square. Market Square is a cute part of the city that hosts locally own shops and restaurants. Downtown 211 is the only private Rooftop wedding venue space in Knoxville and it has amazing views.

Michael and Jasmine

I met Michael and Jasmine the day they got engaged, I shot their proposal. A friend at my church, Faith Promise referred them to me. Michael had called me wanting to set up a surprise proposal shoot and we started working on the details he had planned. Clearly, Jasmine said yes and here we are!

Michael and Jasmine were actually introduced by Michaels’s parents! His parents also go to my church and Jasmine was in their small group. I think that is just so cool! They eventually met, fell in love and as you can see are married now.

Their wedding was great! Micro weddings are the thing in 2020 and to be honest, I’m loving them! They were accompanied by their immediate family at a wedding venue called Downtown 211 in Knoxville, TN. It was such a chill and beautiful evening and I loved everything about the feel of the evening.

After the wedding ceremony, we ventured out into downtown Knoxville to take some photos. As we walk into Market Square a few people started to clap and the whole square joined in. One of the coolest moments at a wedding. It was a nice reminder that we are all one and that humanity at is core still has some good left in it!

We walked through alleyways, side streets and then of course Gay Street to the famous Tennessee sign. The evening was perfect and I’m so thankful I was able to shoot their wedding!

You may know Jasmine as Miss. Tennessee, but now she’s also known as Mrs. Morriss!

Congratulations Michael and Jasmine!


Venue: Downtown 211

Hair: Shawna Forrest

Dress:  Loveliest Bridal

Videographer: The Red Five Crew


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