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Heaven On Earth | Glacier National Park | Destination Photographer

Heaven On Earth | Glacier National Park | Destination Photographer

Heaven, I’ve heard about it all my life. This beautiful-looking place that as a Christ-follower I will go one day. I’ve tried to wrap my mind around what it will look like, but I’ve had a hard time doing so.

In Heaven, I’d like to think that each day the weather will be like the best fall day I’ve ever experienced. I’d like to think the animals will peacefully graze together and a bundle of puppies will be at every turn. I could imagine wildflowers being as far as the eye could see and the sweetest aroma sweeping across my face with each breath.  A place where mountains, valleys, and seas all collide while stars hang like a million tiny dancers from their peaks.

Until my travels to Glacier National Park, this destination photographer couldn’t put those visions into reality. However, on this trip, my mind was blown. Every twist and turn held something new and magical. From the smell of fresh pine in the crisp morning air to the turquoise glacier waters that danced in the sunlight like diamonds. As a destination photographer left the park speechless. This creative’s heart felt like it could explode at any given moment. I’ve never witnessed so much beauty in one place.

I have traveled the world. Four continents, thirty-five plus countries in the past 6 years and I’ve still not found anything I think I could compare Heaven to, until now. I have to say Glacier National Park may be ranked #1 for its beauty for places I’ve traveled. Yes, it has wildlife (even though I didn’t see a lot) but the diverse views were amazing! On each hike and each drive, I kept having to remind myself that THIS IS REAL! Mountains, lakes, rainforest (yes look it up), sunrise and sunsets, it was all breathtaking! Yellowstone National Park has always been my favorite and now I’m torn! Maybe, I don’t have to pick a favorite place, but I can pick favorite things about each place I’ve traveled!

Getting Personal

It took a few days to understand why this trip felt different for me. Through some prayer and solitude, I finally figured it out. I wasn’t running anymore! Maybe running isn’t the best word to use, maybe seeking or healing. Nevertheless, I started using travel to deal with my issues. Things like my past, my dad passing, a relationship that didn’t work out as I wished, and stress. Travel became a good source of peace for me. I’d go on a trip and come back refreshed. The sad thing is that it would take most of the trip to get my mind even calmed down. So by the time I got my mind calm, it would be time to go home. Yes, I’d still enjoy myself, but not like this trip. This trip, I didn’t go because I needed to get away. I went because I wanted to. There is a big difference between the two!

Spending time with the Lord, hiking, and taking photos was the agenda. Also, finding some good mom-and-pop restaurants to eat at was on the list! I booked the trip a week in advance (because I’m like a kid and I hate waiting) and went. Little did I know that this trip would change a lot for me. I’d remember what it’s like to travel for fun. I’d travel and not stress while I was there. I’d already been at a place mentally for the Lord to speak to my heart when I arrived.

God spoke to me about a lot of things on this trip. My future, His plans, and how He has such good things for me that I truly can not even imagine (very specific things). He highlighted some situations in my life where I’d been settling for less than what could be offered to me. He reminded me that being ok with half of something when He had a lot more in store for me wasn’t His plan. Gez, I could go on and on about that, but we’d have to have a conversation on that topic (feel free to email me!).

I heard God on this trip. He spoke on my hike on the Highline trail at 6800 elevations, gazing the emerald waters at Avalach Lake and sitting under the Milky Way watching a meteor shower. The funny thing is my biggest conversation with Him was in the car driving up to Logan’s Pass. I love how I didn’t have to go to Glacier National Park to hear Him speak, but I’m so happy He took some time out of His busy day to meet me there!

Just Go

If you want to see what Heaven looks like this side of Earth, take a trip to Glacier National Park, you won’t be disappointed!



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