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Jackson Terminal Rainy Wedding || Knoxville, TN Wedding || Cody and Sarah

Jackson Terminal Rainy Wedding

This Jackson Terminal rainy wedding is one wedding I’ve been so excited to shoot. When Cody and Sarah booked they were telling me about their visions for the wedding and all I could think of was, YES! Their vision was to have a classic wedding. A church wedding, with a super cool wedding venue to hold the reception at in downtown Knoxville, TN. They decided to go with elegant decor. They had large flower centerpiece, bistro lights and black as the color for their bridal party. Cody and Sarah kept things so classy and I loved that! The best part, they hired some of the best wedding vendors in Knoxville who carried out their vision.

Adventure With The Couple

I’ve been able to get to know this couple a little more than most couples because I know some of Sarah’s family. I knew a lot of people who would be in the wedding party and at the wedding as well, which is always a wedding day bonus! This couple has been a dream to work with. I know they were a perfect couple for me from the beginning, they were super chill. I knew I had hit a home run with this couple when they didn’t hesitate to go on an impromptu adventure engagement session with me. Without hesitation, Cody and Sarah said yes! We loaded up the car and headed to Max Patch to shoot their engagement session. By far one of my favorite engagement sessions ever!! They even brought their pup and we ended the evening with a champagne toast and a perfect sunset.

Rain Rain Go Away

Just like my adventure started with Cody and Sarah, so it continued! On Cody and Sarah’s wedding day it flooded in Knoxville. Yes, you read that right! A downpour of rain that didn’t let up the whole day. As a professional, we always have a plan B, but this time we had to go with plan C. You all, I kid you not when I say that! It was all hands on deck, all day long to make this wedding go off perfectly despite the weather.

 You see that’s where hiring professional wedding photographers and vendors come in. People hire us because we know what to do in worse case situations. It’s your wedding day, the last thing you need to worry about is where to take photos when it’s pouring down the rain.
This Jackson Terminal rainy wedding went well because of the amazing vendors this couple hired! Shout out to you all!

The Wedding Party

Most blogs don’t get their own section on the wedding party itself, but I have to take a minute to brag on them! This wedding party was amazing! They trusted us to get the best shots for the bride and groom. This trust included us walking two blocks in the rain with umbrellas and helping keep the couple dry. Helping with anything we needed and being so chill. They reminded us that they were there for Cody and Sarah and they were game for anything. They did whatever we asked them to do to be able to give the couple the best wedding photos possible! I could not have asked for a better wedding party!

What Do You Do With The Rain

The awesome thing is, Cody and Sarah’s wedding photos didn’t turn out to look like unplanned photos. The photos looked plan A photos. As a professional wedding photographer, it makes me so happy to be able to say that! The day was wet, the day was messy, the day was busy, but everyone came together as a team!
I could not do what I do without amazing wedding vendors of Knoxville. We may make things look easy, but sometimes that’s not always easy. With the help of some amazing vendors and a great guest, they help us make it all work out seamlessly.
This wedding had three different locations, a large bridal party and a large guest list. That alone is a lot, then you add in the rain and it could have been overwhelming. However, if you hire professionals it isn’t overwhelming. We do this every weekend, so we’ve seen everything more than once and we know what to do with the unexpected. Do yourself a favor, hire the best, so they can handle the worst and you can enjoy your wedding day!


Cody and Sarah, it’s been such a pleasure getting to know you. I think you both may be one of the sweetest couples ever! I pray you to look back on your wedding day and laugh at the rain. It may not be the last time you see rainy days, but now you’ll face them together! I pray you look back on these photos and you remember what day one felt like. When rainy days come, focus on this day. Focus on all the happiness and all the people who are in your circle to help cheer you on along the way. Cheers to love, happiness and many more sunshiny days than rainy ones!

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