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Owner, Tonya

You can trace my bloodline back to the mountains of Eastern Kentucky in a little coal mining town. There was a lot of love in our home, as well as a lot of Jesus, and the best gravy and biscuits in the South (shout out to my momma)! Looking back we were poor, but we never went without so I honestly didn’t realize this part of my life until I moved away to college. I always had a love for those mountains, but I swore one day I’d get out and make something of myself.

Somewhere in between building forts in the mountains as a child and moving away to college, I developed a love for people, a fascination for the arts, and wanderlust to see this great big world. The loving people part came easy; that’s how I was raised. The love for the arts or traveling came after I started getting exposed to both as an adult.

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth or a camera in my hand. As a matter of fact, if you would have told me I would own a photography business and travel the world, I would have laughed.  My business profession would have been the last thing that I would have chosen especially with learning how to live again after unexpected heartbreak.  However, I look back and God has been in the middle of it all. He’s been in the middle of EVERY SINGLE thing.  He has used my business to restore my faith in Godly marriages that last and a hope for a glorious future.

Let’s fast forward to present day. Road trips and chasing sunsets, I can’t get enough of them. World missions, it’s deep in my soul! In the past three years, I’ve been blessed to serve the people of eight different countries as a humanitarian photographer. I cherish the experiences I received in capturing the people of the world, it’s truly changed my life.

Want to know more? Check out my favorite things and take a look a what my days off looks like.


Knoxville Wedding Photographers mandy2nd Shooter, Mandy

Mandy, is my 2nd photographer, but second to none! She’s my right-hand lady and sometimes even my left hand. She’s my go to and my support for helping me rock it out on wedding days! I truly couldn’t do it without her.

She’s a Knoxville native, loves her family, her daughter, candy and traveling the world. She has been to 5 continents and close to twenty different countries (do you see now why we get each other).










Knoxville Wedding Photographers

Office Pup, Bailey

Bailey, he’s a super pup extraordinaire! He’s my little sidekick and probably smarter than 50% of humanity. He knows about 15 tricks; I’ll randomly post videos to show off his mad skills! He protects the office from joggers and children thru the office windows. His favorite treats are peanut butter doggie treats and any toy that squeaks! He sleeps under the covers every night right between my feet and carries a stuffed lion around (his baby) like Linus from Charlie Brown.








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