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Lequire Cemetery Cades Cove Wedding | Smoky Mountains National Park

Cades Cove

A Lequire Cemetery Cades Cove wedding in The Smoky Mountains National Park is a unique option to a traditional wedding. Elopements in National Parks have been all the rave over the past few years and their popularity has been building. I’m all about this trend and I hope that it is here to stay!

There are so many reasons why I love elopements, one of them being the people! Most couples eloping are so chill! They just want to get married in a pretty place and have an amazing evening. They don’t want the frills of a massive wedding, they are adventurous and just want to spend the day together as a couple.

The Couple

Megan and Brett are a perfect example of someone who fits the elopement trend profile. They were a blast to work with! I loved that their day wasn’t rushed and we got to just hang out and take photos. One cool aspect of the day was they bought me a cool bag of gifts! The bag and its contents were all dog-related and also personalized with my dogs! Let me just tell you, when people take the time to get to know your dogs names…..well you get extra gold stars in my book! They even brought the minister crawfish from Lousianna! I mean, how cool is that!

I shot a lot of elopements at the Lequire Cemetery Cades Cove wedding site. As you can see the drive to the site and the drive to the site is beautiful. Cades Cove offers so many beautiful locations. Each time I’m there it still amazes me that this is my backyard!

If you are looking to elope, reach out! I have so many resources to share with you!

Congratulations Megan and Brett!

Southern Sirens

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