The Journey


I unfold the handmade blanket that my grandmother made and place it ever so gently on the cool ground. I stop, just for a moment to take in the smell of evergreens and a distant campfire, because fall is my favorite time of year.

  I unpack my brown leather journal filled with beautiful words of hope and heartbreak and thumb through the pages of the past year reminiscing. I pull out my favorite mug filling it to the brim with warm coffee and place it to my lips. I sip it slowly as I watch the most breathtaking sunset. 

 I throw Bailey his ball and he chases it, bringing it back to me with sloppy wet kisses.  I laugh at him; he’s a silly dog who’s always been up for these random road trips of mine. I breathe out slowly as I take in the view and I realize that today, was made just for me. Living a simple life and being in the moment, that’s what dreams are made of.

Adventure, it’s in my soul. Deep down where it could never escape. It makes me tick; it’s the driving force of wanderlust that fuels my being. I guess that’s what happens when you finally start living for today, something inside you awakens. 

For me it was longing to see this great big world and to serve the people in it. A tug so strong on my heart that ignoring it would be a disservice to the world and myself. 

You see, life it hasn’t always been this good, nor will it always be, so for now I will be aware of the here and now. Being present, being joyful, being grateful, being intentional and always being authentic.

Embracing my journey, refusing to just watching the world go by without me being present. Running, running as fast as I can toward what sets my soul on fire, not merely just surviving, but thriving. Refusing to live the same day over again for the next 60 years. Traveling the world, serving  people, experiencing different cultures, stirring up the calling within me to make humanity a better place all while documenting it with beautiful imagery. That my friends, thats the life I vow to live.