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The white barn at cruze farm, Weddings

The White Barn at Cruze Farm || Ivy and Marcus Ortiz

the white barn at cruze farm sunset The White Barn at Cruze Farm

The White Barn at Cruze Farm is absolutely stunning and the views are even more stunning! Last weekend was the first time I had shot a wedding at The White Barn at Cruze Farm and let me say it didn’t disappoint!

The views from the barn of Cruze Farm and the East TN mountains were breathtaking. The property was manicured so nicely and if you looked closely you could see dairy cows in the far distance. If you are lucky you’ll get a perfect sunset too! Also, a bonus tip get to know Cheryl! She’s the owner and will help you plan your wedding (and she’s super fun).

Wedding Turned Elopement

This wedding turned into an elopement after COVID hit. The bride and groom said they were still having their wedding, even if it was just them. Thankfully they did get to have a few friends and family there and it was so joyful! They will have another wedding in August as planned and I can’t wait! Marcus and Ivy are just looking at it as they get to have two weddings!

Ivy’s mom had a little surprise for her sown into her dress. She had pieces of her dress and both of her grandmothers dresses into her dress. (see photos below) Ivy will be wearing her actual wedding dress in August, this dress was just for this wedding.

I enjoyed hanging out with this couple so much (because it felt more like that than working). The weather was perfect and yes we got a perfect sunset!

Cheers Marcus and Ivy! I can not wait until the full wedding in August!

Venue: The White Barn at Cruze Farm

Florist: Sevier Blumen

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