Storytelling, that's my thing. I love when people look back on their images and are reminded of a feeling rather than just something pretty. Feeling something real and having unrehearsed moments when people are in front of my camera is my main goal. Every time we hang out I want my clients to feel so valued that they are excited about the next time we will get to do it again.

I want to show up on your wedding day and feel more like a friend to you than just another vendor. I want to walk in and we both be so excited that I'm there that it feels more like a hang out, than a job.  It's your wedding, it's suppose to be fun!

So If you're ready to hang out with your new best friend, ready to be pampered and ready for some crazy adventures, I'm probably the perfect fit! 

Weddings Collections start at $2500
Elopement collections start at $750

Shoot me an email for more info!