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Smoky Mountains Elopement

Cades Cove Elopement | Smoky Mountains National Park Wedding

Cades Cove Elopement

This Cades Cove elopement was the most joyful elopement to photograph! There is something about couples that choose to elope that screams “These are my people!” You see, people who elope aren’t your normal type of bride and groom. The couples that choose to elope want nothing to do with your normal wedding day. They don’t want the crowds, they don’t want all the timelines or traditions, they just want to get married. Luckily for me most of my couples who want to elope also want to get married somewhere epic! Thankfully, I live near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park! There are some beautiful places on this planet and I’ve got to see many of them, but National Parks are my favorite! I love that the United States (thanks to the help of Theodore Roosevelt) decided to protect the wild of this country for the enjoyment of its people! It’s humbling sometimes to be able to just be in nature soaking it up with a couple on their wedding day.

Why Elope

I stated a few reasons above why people elope. For some, this may not be their cup of tea and that is ok! Most people who elope still wear traditional wedding attire, sometimes it’s just accompanied by hiking boots. Most elopements have zero guests, but Jason and Shannon had a few family members with them. They followed us through the park and we ended at their pre-determined ceremony spot. People who elope are pretty chill, so they were up for anything and we just prepared their family we’d be stopping along the way!

You Have To Have A Permit

I’m going to write a whole blog on this topic, but please don’t show up on federal land to get married without a permit. Not only will you get fined, but you will ruin the bride and groom’s wedding day. Be respectful, follow the rules so we can continue using federal land to its fullest! You can find permit information on the website. Find your park, do the paperwork, and pay the fees.

Shannon and Jason

Thank you for letting me show up in my hiking boots with my camera in hand and live my best life! Shooting elopements makes my soul feel alive and I’m so happy to get to share that joy with you both! Keep exploring and keeping love wild! Cheers Tonya

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