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Tennessee Wedding Photographer

Our Couples Believe In Doing Their Wedding Their Way

I believe in a love that is so fierce it makes the whole world jealous. I believe that tickle fights, inside jokes and laughing until you cry are keys to a successful marriage.

Being a  Tennessee wedding photographer has been one of the coolest experiences ever! I’ve traveled the world, been able to meet amazing people, and eaten way more wedding cake than I care to admit! 

I’ve always thought about how my clients’ grandchildren will find their wedding photos one day. They will dust them off, and smile looking through them. It’s quite cool that my superpower is being able to freeze time!

If you are looking for a wedding photographer who knows the coolest dance moves I’m your girl! If you need someone to bring the party to life when she walks in, then look no further! Oh if you are looking for a super-talented photographer too!

"Tonya is an exceptional wedding photographer. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of the wedding industry to the table.

She’s reliable and displayed consistent communication. It rained on my wedding day and Tonya and her assistant rolled with the punches and maintained a high level of energy throughout my wedding. I’ve been married just over a year and I go back and look at my wedding photos often. It was one of the happiest days of my life because I was surrounded by my family and friends as I took a huge step and committed my life to my husband. I will be forever thankful that I chose Tonya Damron Photography to capture those special once in a lifetime moments.”

—Jessica, Wedding Photography Client

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Investment starts at $3,100

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Got Questions? Great, I've got answers!


We have some amazing talent in East TN and I’m so happy to be a part of that! I’ve been in business full-time for 16 years and that speaks volumes in an industry where the lifespan is less than 5 years. There is nothing greater a photographer can carry in their bag than experience!

Yes, we have insurance on our business and can provide proof to you or your venue if needed. Its one thing that I would not run a business without. It protects both me and the client in case of any crazy mishaps that are no fault of our own.

I use the top-of-the-line Nikon gear. Bonus it has two card slots. The card slots act as backups to each other if one card fails seeing we shoot all digital.

Heck ya I will! I have travelled extensively around the world for work and pleasure so this is second nature to me. My travel fees are minimal because I also will use the trip as a mini vacation afterward!

Yes. Contracts for brides and vendors are so important. I make expectations clear and legally connect us together for work.

You’ll refer to the contract for this in detail, but I have you covered! I have a team of amazing people that work for me so in the event of an emergency I would replace myself with one of them.

I do have collections that have a 2nd photographer included.

Yes. I hold a special permit that allows me to photograph in the Smokies. Depending on the collection you pick this location may be included, if it is not you can always upgrade to it.

We do try in every effort to keep your wedding photos as long as we can. It is not promised and I highly recommend backing your photos up online, on your computer, and an off-site location.

Yes. The bride and groom have printing rights to their photos. We do suggest doing a test print on a photo before printing them out with a third party due to the fact we are not calibrated to anything but our pro labs that are linked to our galleries.

We do not limit the amount of photos you get. Each wedding (or session if adding it there) is unique based on the amount of time you book, number of photographs and several other factors. You will get everything that makes the final cut. I want you to have quality photos over quantity, so for example I want turn all the photos into black and white photos too just to double your amount you’d receive back.