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Smoky Mountains Portraits

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park Family Photographer

A unique photo experience

Have you ever dreamt of having family photos taken in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park?

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, I offer a unique photo experience that can offer you just that!

My name is Tonya, and I am a local photographer in the Smoky Mountains. I specialize in timeless portraits that incorporate the majesty of our mountains. I hold a special permit that lets me work in the national park and share a piece of my hometown with you.

I get asked a lot of questions about getting family photos taken in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park so I’ve made a simple Q&A to help answer some of them below.

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Price starts from $400

If you haven’t received an email within the hour (check your spam), please email me via the contact page.

Got Questions? Great, I've got answers!

The short answer is yes, if a photographer is making money in the national park they have to have a permit. The longer answer is, that it is a long process to get a permit. The permit cost money and the photographer has to meet the requirements of the park. It isn’t guaranteed that new photographers will get approved for one. If a photographer doesn’t have their permit I’d highly suggest not booking them. It’s no guarantee they will be approved for their permit and the rangers do check for them.

We have an approved list of places we can take photos at in the Smokies. My favorite place is Cades Cove. If you’ve never been, you should look it up. Think mountains, fields, streams, and dirt roads crawling with wildlife!

We book over a year in advance. Email me for availability and the exact dates you’re available to shoot while you are here.

Yes. Our session fee covers one household, but you can add as many households as you’d like.

Up to an hour and all edited photos with an online gallery you can download from. My ongoing permit to work in the national park, insurance required of the park and my knowledge of the park itself.

My biggest tip is coordinate don’t match. Pick two to three colors and coordinate. For example: don’t have everyone in kakis and blue polos. Instead mix and match a a few colors.

Speaking of colors, jewel tones photograph best. Think deep colors like burgundy, navy, tan, hunter green and so on. Colors to stay away from are pastils and whites (for most people) due to the fact those colors wash people out.

When you book your session you sign a contract which covers all the “what if’s”. I will do everything in power to make the session happen if something uncontrollable happens. I do this full time and if my scheduled allows flexibility. If you miss your session you do have a full year to make it up.

The national park does have rules about dogs on trails, but you can bring your dog with you! I love pups! They will just need to be on a leash.

Prior to the session we will have already determined where we are going to meet. I will give you and address or a GPS coordinates and help you navigate anything to do with the national park. I’ll communicate with you all the way up to the session on all the details for the day.

To book the session you’d sign a contract and pay in full to get on our books. Please complete the form below to get started.

Sessions start at $600 for up to an hour in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It includes my permit to work in the park, all edited photos with an online gallery and me as your session planning and park guide.

We do not limit the amount of photos you get. Each wedding (or session if adding it there) is unique based on the amount of time you book, number of photographs and several other factors. You will get everything that makes the final cut. I want you to have quality photos over quantity, so for example I want turn all the photos into black and white photos too just to double your amount you’d receive back.