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I'm a Knoxville, TN based wedding and elopement photographer, a believer and world traveler. I'm known for capturing raw emotions and building real connections with my clients. I have an energetic personality and an adventurous soul .
I love coffee, all things Apple, journaling, random road trips, sunsets & my pup Bailey.

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I believe in a love that celebrates 50 year anniversaries. I believe in a love that is so fierce it makes the whole world jealous. I believe that tickle fights, inside jokes and laughing until you cry are keys to a successful marriage. I believe in a love that never gets tired of going on random road trips to nowhere. I believe in talking on the phone for hours about nothing and doing it all again the next day because the sound of their voice never gets old. I believe in the windows down and the music up and staying wild and free together. I believe in a love that chooses each other over and over again, every single day.

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We met with her and instantly fell in love with her demeanor, her liveliness. She made us feel so confident in her, her work, and we couldn't help but fall in love with her and her photos. We received our wedding photos a week after we got married, which is huge! She is passionate, and she treats each bride as her own family member. We are in love with her and we highly recommend her if you want CLASSY and TIMELESS photos! 

"We couldn't help but fall in love with her and her photos. "


Tonya is your best choice, no questions asked. We enjoyed working with her so much, and I'm positive we will continue to use her services for years to come! Not only is she INCREDIBLY talented, she is also an amazing person. She makes everything fun, enjoyable, and stress-free. The second my husband and I saw her work, we knew we needed that for our wedding! Her photos are beautiful, and I can't even believe how happy we are with them.

"She makes everything fun, enjoyable, and stress-free."


Not only were the photos amazing, but Tonya is full of personality and will make your day fun! We initially booked Tonya for our engagement photos and we loved the experience so much we also booked her for our wedding in Atlanta. I had a huge greek wedding and there were several important parts within the ceremony that I wanted captured in photos. Tonya did an amazing job capturing each one of these moments.

"Tonya did an amazing job capturing each one of these moments."


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