To the adventurous couples looking for epic wedding photos, you have landed in the right spot! To the fun-loving more traditional couples, there's a place for you here too! If the experience during your wedding photography journey is just as important as the outcome, then continue reading because both are equally important to us too.

From classic black-tie weddings to a hike in a National Park with just the two of you, I can help make your photography vision come to life. 
Do not look back on your wedding day and have regrets, especially when it comes to your wedding photography. Redoing your wedding photography is simply not an option! Picking the correct photographer for you has to be a priority. Thankfully that's where I come in!

My name is Tonya Damron. I'm a wedding photographer in Knoxville, TN who has traveled the world. I've been doing wedding photography full-time since 2008. I’m known for capturing epic candid moments and for the timeless vibrant edits I deliver. I bring high energy to your wedding day…kinda like “the party starts when I walk in” (did you sing that? Please say yes!) 

Finding a wedding photographer in Knoxville, TN can be challenging because there are so many good ones. The thing is, you want an amazing wedding photographer, not just a good one. Your wedding photographer will be with you longer than any other wedding vendor. If they are amazing ones, they will become your friend and a part of your family for life. 

If you are looking for wedding photographers in Knoxville, TN, a Smoky Mountain National Park licensed wedding photographer or a photographer who travels to your destination wedding then let’s get this party started!

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wild At Heart romantic

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Algerian Henna Ceremony
The Read Hotel Wedding
Chattanooga, TN

The Trillium Venue Smoky Mountain Wedding Venue 

Smoky Mountain National Park Elopement in Cades Cove 


Marblegate Farm
Knoxville, TN Wedding Venue

Smoky Mountains National Park Elopement
(with friends)

Glacier National Park
Engagement Session 


 I believe in a love that is so fierce it makes the whole world jealous. I believe that tickle fights, inside jokes and laughing until you cry are keys to a successful marriage.

Believe in doing their wedding their way,
adventrouse. Memorable. Romantic. timeless

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our couples

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We want your wedding day to be EFFORTLESS AND UNFORGETTABLE

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A bride's guide to planning a
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Preparing for
a fun MEMORABLE Wedding 

“WE COULDN'T IMAGINE OUR WEDDING DAY WITHOUT The tonya being a part of it! She is now a lifelong friend, a part of our family”

Blazing trails solo, living the wild and free life is what my heart beats for. My soul isn’t satisfied until I’m nestled in a cozy spot somewhere in the great unknown. With my camera, my pups by my side and a journal in hand, life is pretty good.  Add in my favorite pair of Chacos and a cup of coffee, and this girl is set for the day.....

A spunky lady bubbling over with joy & caffeine,
always planning her next adventure.
Behind the camera