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Great Smoky Mountains Summer Wedding || Jacob and Kaylee

Great Smoky Mountains Summer Wedding || Jacob and Kaylee

Have you ever attended a Great Smoky Mountains summer wedding? If you have then you understand what I’m about to say…it is simply stunning. Any excuse to get to go to the Smoky Mountains is a treat for me, but when I get to photograph a wedding there it is even more special. When I view the mountains I’m reminded of the word home, a place where everything is at peace and the world stops for just a moment. I think everyone who comes to these old mountains takes a piece of “home” with them. That is the reason why so many people keep returning year after year.

Wedding Day

I think Jacob and Kaylee have the same feeling about The Great Smoky Mountains. When Kaylee first reached out to me she told me of how they loved coming back year after year. She told me of some memories they had and that they knew they had to get married here. After several texts and calls, I think I got a pretty good vision of what Kaylee and Jacob wanted for their wedding day. They wanted to just hang out with their friends and family and for the day to just be chill and joyful. Looking back on their day, I think that’s exactly what they got! They achieved this by inviting the right people and also hiring the right vendors!

The Groom and Bride, Jacob and Kaylee

I didn’t get to meet Jacob and Kaylee until their wedding day. Not meeting the couple until their wedding day is a common thing for us when a couple is having a Great Smoky Mountains summer wedding. We will talk to them several times and even Facetime if they would like, but with destination weddings, most clients don’t go to their destination prior to their wedding day.

When we arrived at their cabin in Pigeon Forge and I met Kaylee for the first time I knew it was going to be an awesome day! I literally told my 2nd photographer “Kaylee is my spirit animal”. She was one of the most bubbly joyful people I had ever met! If you know her, then you know! The joy that flows out of her is contagious and I adore people who have this quality too! I knew Jacob would be awesome by just meeting Kaylee, you can learn alot about people by the person they choose to marry! Jacob was of course kind and happy-go-lucky, so it made for a great day!

A Few Things I Loved About This Smoky Mountain Summer Wedding

Of course, I loved the view of the Smoky Mountains and the awesome sunset we got. What’s not to love there? I loved the hilarious moments they added to their day like the extra special first look and the flower man (see both below). I mean come on, life can be hard so don’t forget to add some joy into the mix! One of my favorite things that happened on Kaylee and Jacob’s wedding day was they included their pups! If you know me at all you know I LOVE me some puppers!! (yes I’m the crazy dog lady) Just go look at those sweet.


Jacob and Kaylee congratulations! I pray you have such a joyful marriage! Keep coming back to the mountains and remembering what day one looked like! See you soon friends!!



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