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Knoxville Botanical Gardens Wedding || Sean and Olivia || Knoxville TN Wedding Photographer

Knoxville Botanical Gardens Wedding || Sean and Olivia || Knoxville TN Wedding Photographer

When I met Olivia and her mom I knew that this wedding would be a perfect wedding to shoot. They told me about their plans for design, their plans for the day, all the details and all I wanted to scream was ‘PLEASE BOOK ME, PLEASE”! Seriously, this wedding sounded like it was going to be something straight out of a magazine and let me tell you, it was!

Wedding Day:

The wedding day arrived and all I could think was, wow! Geez, Olivia looked like a model, then I met Sean and well he did too. I thought, who are these people and proceeded to do a happy dance inside. Everywhere I looked I kept on saying how pretty this was or that was, Olivia and Sean truly hired some amazing wedding vendors to help pull off their vision. Their wedding at Knoxville Botanical Gardens was simply stunning and I can’t wait to share their images with you.

A gold and blush spring wedding with tons of florals was just what the bride wanted and boy did she get it! I have been obsessed with this wedding and all its details. I’ve posted a ton of previews and keep thinking of how exciting its going to be to have their album in my hands in a few weeks. (albums are my favorite things ever).

A Favorite Moment:

I had a few favorite moments from Sean and Oliva’s wedding, but one of my favorite moments was a conversation I had with Sean’s grandmother. You see, she is in her 80’s and wanted to make Sean’s grooms cake. Shoot out to grandmama, because the apple stack cake with awesome (admitting I had 2 pieces, don’t judge I’ve been on a healthy kick so cake isn’t on my eating plan). I ate the cake and was like I have to find this lady, she’s awesome! Little did I know, she was really awesome! I told her how good her cake was and her reply was “oh honey I made that cake with the apples off my tree I put up later year in the freezer, thank you for the compliment but I though it was a little dry.” I replied, ” well if you thought that wasn’t your best then you need my address, because it was amazing!” Y’all, when I’m in my 80’s I hope I’m that humble and I hope that I can make my grandson’s grooms cake for his wedding and it be that good!

Tonight I was able to show Olivia, Sean and their family the wedding photos and it was such a good time. I love seeing the bride and grooms face as they relive their wedding day all over again. Every time I shoot a wedding for my ideal client, it reminds me of why I do what I do. There is nothing more satisfying than building a relationship with amazing people and being able to serve them well.

Cheers to love and beautiful wedding photos!



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