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Newfound Gap Wedding | Smoky Mountain National Park Elopement | Samantha and Adam

If you are thinking of eloping in the Great Smoky Mountains, a Newfound Gap wedding may be what your soul desires. Why would a Newfound Gap wedding be chosen? Just look at the views, that is why people pick this spot to elope in the Smokies. You can’t see the sunset from this point, unfortunately, but it is one of the few elopement spots that you are above the mountains. Most places to elope in the Great Smoky Mountains are in the forest or in the fields.

Newfound Gap Wedding

Samantha (Sam) and Adam love the Smokies so much, they decided they had to come South to say I DO. Sam had looked at a few different spots to elope in the Smokies, but she said her heart kept coming back to this place. She said Newfound Gap just held a special place in her heart.

Several of her friends and family were in attendance (see Smokies guidelines for number of guest per spot you can have) and the rain held off for their wedding. We stood in front of the grand view of the mountains, and they pronounced their love, and then it was time for some photos!

Adventure Session

As I mentioned above, there are a lot of guidelines to photographing in the Smokies. One, your photographer has to have their permit (we do) and then each spot has its own regulations. Other than you having your permit for the spot (there are several you can pick from), you also can’t bring anything to set up in the area. The Smokies, as all National Parks, thrive by the way of “leave no trace” and most guests can appreciate that rule.

After the ceremony, we ventured to a nearby area to photograph the adventure session part of their wedding. Even though I do love the mountain views, I also love venturing into the forest. It’s fun including both areas in photos because it makes you feel like you are in two totally different places.

Sam had asked me what she should bring to this part of her session, so I gave her a few things to add to her list. I think her items she brought added some cute little touches to their adventure session. Sam brought hiking boots, backpacks and personalized camping mugs.

She also brought a super cute gift for me! She brought me a bag in my favorite color with my dogs made into cartoons on it. The bag was full of super generous gifts. When she gave it to me, I may have freaked out just a little!

Adam and Sam

Congratulations to you both! I’m so thankful that out of all the photographers, you chose me to celebrate with you on your special day! Cheers to many more years of visiting the Smokies.



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