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Ramble Creek Weddings || Tyler and Adrian || Athens, TN

Friday Weddings

Ramble Creek weddings are amazing but have one on a Friday and it’s simply divine! There’s something about a couple that chooses to not have a traditional Saturday wedding that I adore. As we all know, weddings normally happen on a Saturday. However, off-day weddings are becoming a thing and I love it! To me, it seems that non-Saturday weddings end up being more chill. From the vendors to the guest to the couple, things seem to be a little more relaxed. I can get used to that! I like non-traditional things, especially after 14 years of doing wedding photography, it’s a nice change of pace. I think moving forward after this past year we will start seeing a lot more non-traditional weddings and I’m down for that!

The Wedding Day

Tyler and Adrian decided to have their wedding at Ramble Creek and they were not disappointed. Despite the rain (which came just after outdoor photos), it was perfect. Due to the cloudy weather, it made for perfect outdoor lighting for photos and after the rain moved out we even got a rainbow! (see below)

The couple did a first look and then we proceeded with their photos. After that, we did family photos and then on to the ceremony. They had planned for an indoor wedding, so the rain didn’t mess up any of their plans. After the ceremony, they had a cocktail hour where the staff at Ramble Creek flipped the room for the reception. The cocktail hour included among many things a coffee bar. (all the photographers say Amen!) The bride said that was her favorite part about the cocktail hour too!

After dinner, there were some beautiful speeches and then it was time to cut the cake and dance! The guest danced the night away and the couple left with a sparkler send-off.

One of my favorite parts about this couple’s wedding (other than the coffee) was their first look. Guys, Tyler was smitten! I’ve shot hundreds of first looks, a lot are super emotional, but Tyler didn’t have words. I do not think I’ve ever witnessed a bigger smile on a man’s face than his when he looked at his bride for the first time! He was giddy and in awe of his bride-to-be. I adored that moment.

Ramble Creek Weddings

If you have never attended a Ramble Creek wedding then you need to! The staff is amazing, the food is delicious, and the property is gorgeous! I shoot so many weddings and I always love when we get to work at a top-notch wedding venue! Please go check them out, their property is beautiful but their customer service is top-notch too!

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