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Wild Horses at Cold Creek | Things To Do Near Las Vegas, NV

herd of wild horses in las vegas

Wild Horses at Cold Creek

When I travel I always try to find things to do off the beaten path. When I went to Las Vegas for WIPP (a photography conference) I couldn’t resist asking my Vegas wedding photographer friends that live there to give me some advice on things to do. They told me to go see the Wild Horses at Cold Creek. After some research, it was on the list of things to do near Las Vegas.

As most of you all know I love photographing wildlife! When I was little we owned horses. I’ve grown up around them my whole life so of course Cold Creek was a must while in Vegas!

About Cold Creek

At 6,500 feet you’ll find snow-covered mountains in Cold Creek, NV until around the end of April. Cold Creek gets its name from the cold spring water that runs thru the valley and feeds into three ponds located there. From what I’ve read people get their power from generators and solar power because there is no power there still to this day. No phone service other than limited cell phone reception as well, but they say the owners love it this way.

I didn’t know what to expect when driving to Cold Creek. As I arrived in what looked like the middle of nowhere. I wondered how I’d see the horses if they’d just be out in fields far away. Would they look like your average east TN horse and if they are actually wild.

To My Surprise

To my surprise as I turned onto the road of Cold Creek I saw nothing but desert until all of a sudden I noticed 2 horses just walking down the road. I stopped the car in excitement and the horses started walking toward me. Come to find out you aren’t supposed to feed them, but people do which leads them near the road and a little curious to see what humans are up to. Along the road, I would continue to pass a few different herds, all which were not too scared I was there and allowed me to be in their midst taking photos.

The horses did let me get close to them as you see below. I’m not suggesting you try this, but a young black horse let me pet his nose. These horses aren’t fenced in and steam from wild herds from the 1930’s. People do not provide food for them and there are actual laws against making them pets.

Wild horses of Cold Creek thank you for letting me spend a day with you, it’s defiantly an experience I’ll remember!

 (another photographer was there when I left and took this last photo of me and the wild horses)

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wild horses at cold creek nvcold creek nvthings to do outside of vegas

Wild Horses at Cold Creek
Wild Horses at Cold Creek

village at cold creek

las vegas nv
This horse is actually blind

Wild Horse at Cold Creek

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