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Summer Wedding At The White Barn At Cruze Farm || Marcus and Ivy || Wedding Number Two

Summer Wedding At The White Barn At Cruze Farm 

You have no clue how excited I am to finally get to shoot this summer wedding at the White Barn At Cruze Farm! You may not understand why this wedding was so exciting, but it was Marcus and Ivy’s second wedding this year. You see, Marcus and Ivy planned to get married in the spring, but due to COVID, it got postponed. The awesome thing is this couple still had their wedding in the spring. Their full wedding turned into an elopement. They postponed the wedding until the end of summer and I happened!
Having a summer wedding at The White Barn At Cruze Farm was a little different. The spring weather in East TN is always much cooler, but thankful they scored a cooler summer day too! The venue is beautiful regardless of what season, so I wasn’t worried about that part though. The only thing I was worried about is if they’d get to have their summer wedding at The White Barn At Cruze Farm. 2020 has been a crazy year and we were all wondering if a second wedding would happen this year or not.

It Happened

The wedding day happened and it was perfect! It was the perfect wedding to start off my soon-to-be Fall wedding season. Marcus and Ivy have been amazing to work with. Their families have been so easygoing and so have all their vendors including The White Barn At Cruze Farm.
Changing wedding dates is stressful and it involves many things. Knoxville’s wedding community came together and served this couple well. So many of my couples will be able to say they had two weddings in 2020. It may not have been what they had planned or hoped for, but they will for sure have stories to tell in the future.

Their first wedding blog is here

Wedding Vendors:

The White Barn At Cruze Farm

Sevier Blumen

White Lace And Promises

Styled Darling

A Minor Touch

Art Of Cakes


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