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The Barn At Chestnut Springs, Weddings

The Barn At Chestnut Springs || Summer Smoky Mountain Wedding || Jesse and Lauren


The Barn At Chestnut Springs

The Barn At Chestnut Springs describes their venue beautiful. “Situated just outside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, The Barn at Chestnut Springs is an ideal countryside location to celebrate your wedding day.  This gray weathered wood barn has been beautifully renovated to serve as a premier wedding venue.  The large main room features vaulted ceilings with exposed beams and is appointed with elegant chandeliers and wall sconces.  A wooded cove awaits guests just outside the back doors, providing lovely views year-round and great outdoor space.”

I would also like to add that Melanie and the staff are pretty awesome as well! The combination of the Smoky Mountains, a pretty venue, awesome people and you have yourself a winner!

The Couple

Jesse and Lauren were a referral sent to me! Jesse is in the military in Alaska and him and Lauren were planning their wedding from afar. With a few emails and phone calls they booked. It’s been so fun following along on their Alaskan journey through social media. I’ll admit more than once I’ve been a little jealous they get to live there for now and I only get to visit their great state. Alaska is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been able to travel to!

Throughout the planning process this couple was amazing to work with. Super chill and always up for whatever. Most couple who elope are in general pretty chill so I wasn’t shocked.

Their Wedding Day

Lauren and Jesse’s wedding day arrived and I couldn’t wait to arrive at The Barn At Chestnut Springs. It had been a little while since we have had an open date when we’ve been requested to shoot there. As expected, the venue was all prepped with beautiful flowers and all things wedding just waiting for us to arrive. The bridal party was ready and prepared to party the night away!

The day went as planned and we had nothing but fun! It’s crazy how you can not meet someone until the day of their wedding and feel like you have known them forever. Also let me add I probably laughed more at this wedding than I have in a long time! Why? If you were a guest and you are reading this, I’ll give you one guess….Jesse! Ya’ll he is hilarious!

My Favorite Moment

Each wedding normally comes with a favorite movement. My favorite moment at The Barn At Chestnut Springs this night was when Jesse and Lauren read letters to each other before the wedding. They didn’t do a first look, but letters. One part of Jesse’s letter to Lauren said “When I met you, I knew what love was and you only knew what love wasn’t” Y’all I was a puddle, it hit home for me. Do you know how hard it is to take photos and cry at the same time? It is hard!

Congratulations Jesse and Lauren! I can’t wait to see you on the trails in Alaska!


Venue : The Barn At Chestnut Springs

Video: Noble Limits Florist: Lisa Foster Floral Designs

Bartender: Single Barrel DJ: Sword Sounds Makeup: Southern Belle Beauty

Cake: Gails Custom Cakes

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